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Platinum Q2 Hybrid ECO (2.2 metre) - Ricoh Gen 6


Q2 Eco Brochure

  D o w n l o a d


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Platinum Q2 Hybrid ECO 2.2 metre

The Eco design of the UV Led Q2 ECO hybrid printer was produced with those who didn’t want the extra cost of nice looking panels and covers, they just wanted practicality. The extreme compactness makes the Q2 Eco easier to squeeze into those tight workshops but still has the functionality of it’s twin sister the “Q2”
The exclusive opening mechanism allows easy access from roll to roll to flat printing, just one of the unique functions of the Eco. The Q2 ECO is equipped with a partial Vacuum system with 4 turbines and a pressure roller for fantastic material hold. In addition, the self-levelling vacuum mat stabilizes rigid materials widely used for visual applications such as dibond, forex and MDF, perfectly maintaining the levelling of the impression and minimizing warping and shift caused by fixed belt systems.

The Platinum range also boasts of being Eco friendly and proud of it's Greenguard certificate with being one of the lowest power consumption machines available and the Greenest ink.

Don’t take our word for it, we can put you in touch with plenty of already happy customers in the UK.
Available with White, Varnish and light colours.

Movement system : Delta Drive belt and pulley system

Print carriage : THK rail system 

Print heads : Konica Minolta (8 max)

Quantity of print heads : 2 rows of 4

Drop volume : 13Pl 

Ink configuration : CMYK 

Type of ink : UV Led

Drying system : UV Led polymerization

Bed size : 2020 x unlimited mm

Print height : 50 mm

Print resolution : 2880 DPI

Print speed max : 90 Sqm² / hr

RIP software : Photo Print / Caldera (Opt.) / Onyx (Opt.)

Machine dimensions : 4750 x 3900 x 1770 mm

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