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Platinum Q Cut 2516 (upgradable 1.8Kw router)


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Platinum Q-Cut 2516

Q-Cut 2516 is one of our most popular cutters and comes as standard with a huge selection of tools including an upgradable 300w - 1.8kw router.. Q-cut Digital cutting machines can work 24/7 with incredible reliability.

The cutting Area of the 2516 is: 2500mm x 1600mm, High precision cutting table, Fixed working surface, Vacuum pump 7,5KWA 6 zone control system, Electric Motor, Rail, cutting carpet, two cutting heads, Safety Device; It has many features such as user safety, cutting tool automatic adjustment system.

Automatic Camera Positioning System

Equipped with a high-sensitivity CCD camera, the system performs automatic positioning on all kinds of materials. It is aimed to complete your work easily and accurately by preventing wrong manual adjustment and printing deterioration events.

AKI System

It can accurately control the depth of the cutter blade with its automatic adjustment system.

X Axis 2 Motor

More efficient cuts are achieved by using two motors with X-axis balance technology and two readout sensors to make the cuts accurate.

Regional Vacuum System

With the regional vacuum system, it automatically adjusts according to the dimensions of the material used, so that the material can be held more tightly.

Power (KW) : 10 kW

Power Requirements : 380v +/- 10% 50HZ

Cutting Area : 2500mm x 1600mm

Cutting Formats : PLT, DXF, HPGL, PDF, EPS

Cutting Precision : ±0.1mm

Cutting Materials : Vehicle Labels, Labels, Card Labels, PP Paper, Reflective materials, Coated-Bristol-1. Pulp Paper etc.

Cutting Set : EOT, UCT, KissCUT, PEN

Machine Type : Q-Cut 2516

Max. Cutting Speed : 1500mm/s

Material thickness : 45mm

Environment : Vacuum System

Table Size : 2500mm x 1600mm

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