Liyu UK is a subsidiary of the Ultimatum Group, this was born out of the passion from long established Oce Arizona & Durst engineers who believed customers could get better value and service for their money and they we're right ! After many years searching, visiting and trying different manufacturers, they settled on one of the largest and most recognised suppliers in Europe "Liyu". This was a painfully slow journey because they had their reputations on the line and customers would take them at their every word.


The Liyu organisation supports distributors in most European countries, United Kingdom, north Africa and middle east. The excellent after sales and technical support ensures distributors like ourselves fulfil promises and expectations we make to customers when purchasing machines. Seeing a machine in action is easy...we have access to customers who already own the Platinum series or you can visit our showroom in Ormskirk where we have a select few of the most popular. To see the whole range then we will organise a visit to Milan and the headquarters in Ankara where you can see the full range in action.


Liyu Company was found in 1993 as a computer equipment manufacturer. Its experience in computer equipment enabled it to introduce the first Chinese plotters in the market with all parts produced in house. In 2004 Liyu entered to the large format printer market as a unique producer. Today Liyu produces more than 1.200 printers yearly.