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Platinum Q3 Hybrid (3.3 metre) - Ricoh Gen 6


Q3 Hybrid Brochure

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Telephone: 0800 368 9289

Platinum Q3 Hybrid (with a "just add heads technology")

The gorgeous Q3… just as impressive as it’s smaller sister the Q2, this is the wider version which accommodates those larger size media’s such as 3 meter boards to be printed with ease. The Q3 has the added advantage of the heavy duty unattended 3 meter roll and take up unit for those extra heavy banner and vinyl rolls to be used.
Fitted with the Quadro Vacuum system, automatic head cleaning, Linear (beltless) drive and LED cool cure units for fast and high quality printing at a print depth of up to 50mm.
The Q2 and Q3 both come with an operators remote control unit for ease of use for quick functions such as media feed, clamp and vacuum zoning. The Q3 comes as standard with the latest Ricoh Gen-6 printheads and Panasonic drive system.

What is "just add heads technology"? All Platinum Printers come fully configured to the maximum with all the tubing, cabling and circuitry required to speed up your machine as you grow. It's no secret the printheads are the heart of the machine and the most expensive parts and the more you have the faster it will go. The Platinum design means you already have the racing car but a smaller engine so you can just buy heads and increase your machines speed unless you buy the fully specified machine from day one.

The Platinum range also boasts of being Eco friendly and proud of it's Greenguard certificate with being one of the lowest power consumption machines available and the Greenest ink.

Don’t take our word for it, we can put you in touch with plenty of already happy customers in the UK.
Available with White, Varnish and light colours.

With many UK installations already, customers are more than happy to share their experiences and have a site visit or if you'd rather visit our showroom and meet the engineers over lunch then feel free to give us a call.

Movement system : Magnetic linear motor for smooth and more accurate printing, no belt and pulley system.

Print carriage : Extra large print carriage for future head upgrades

Security system : Safety curtain 

Print heads : Ricoh Gen6 / Konica Minolta

Quantity of print heads : 16 arranged on 4 Ricoh rows for speed

Drop volume : 5-15 Pl or 13Pl on Konica

Ink configuration : CMYK - Lc - Lm - W - V

Type of ink : UV Led

Drying system : UV Led polymerization

Bed size : 3030 x unlimited mm

Print height : 50 mm (Opt. 150 mm)

Print resolution : 2400 DPI

Print speed max : 360 Sqm² / hr

RIP software : Photo Print / Caldera (Opt.) / Onyx (Opt.)

Machine dimensions : (L x W x H)6100 x 1200 x 2400 mm

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